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My Self-Love Is BAE (Before Anything Else) Book with Companion Journal

My Self-Love Is BAE (Before Anything Else) Book with Companion Journal

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Double the love, and make it a gift!

***This book with companion journal is for those who desire to go deeper in their Self-Love journey.

My Self-Love is BAE (before anything else) means putting God before anything or anyone.

God first and then these things shall be added unto you..

You'll discover in this book that in order to completely love Self, you must know Self. This is only attained through relationship and revelation from the Source that is and has created you in love because He is...God (Love).

Your Self-care is an essential part of wellness. Your Self-Love is an essential part of your well-being.

Embrace who you are with this guided Self-Love book for women.

As you embark on your journey of Self-discovery you will begin to learn what the true essence of Self-Love is. When you begin to immerse yourself in exercises and suggestions in this book you'll discover how much there is to love about God, yourself, and others. This will build your trust in God's Love for you, confidence in Self, and improve your relationships.

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