About Me

Made in His image, to reflect His glory!!!
Hi Beautiful Soul,

I am Cari Katoya, the owner and founder of In My Own Skin Boutique. It is so nice to meet you. I am filled with much joy and overflowed with gratitude to know that you are here showing love and support.

I am inspired to share with you how and why In My Own Skin Boutique was created.

Let me be transparent. There was a season in my life where I did not like who I seen in the mirror, she was a broken soul with no self-esteem, no self-love, no self-worth. She was not confident in herself, and she did not value or appreciate herself.

One day staring in the mirror asking God why am I here, what is my purpose? God began to answer me, as He began to speak to my heart, He reminded me that He created me with unconditional love, that I am purposed to execute the plan that He knows I would accomplish, because He knows my expected end. There was a glow that began to rise out of me, it reflected radiance of confidence, peace and joy.

I began to see the Beautiful Soul that God created. God reminded me of a time in my life where He saved my soul, and set me free. He told me it wasn’t the end and I have work to do. I gave my word to God that day that I would live in His Will. I would live and love in my God-given purpose. This is where my journey of redefining self-love God’s way began. I am here to be the light that I seen shining in the mirror many seasons ago. I am to build, edify and help other Beautiful Souls become free and be made whole…because her well-being matters.